Spider’s legs

Backlegs spiders have evolved spinnerets that produce spider fibers up to six kinds of silk glands, which are located in the abdomen. Webs may vary in size, shape and amount of sticky fibers. It seems that the circular webs are one of the older types of webs. Spiders producing spider bags are widespread and diverse than orbweavers (who make just a circular cobwebs). Arachnids spiders alike with authorities producing spider fibers appeared in the Devonian some 386 million years ago, but these animals lacked spinnerets. True spiders have been found in rocks of Carboniferous, the date from before 318 to 299 million years ago and are very similar most primitive living suborder, Mesothelae. The most important groups of modern spiders, tarantulas (Mygalomorphae) and Araneomorphae, appeared in the Triassic Period 200 million years ago.

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